Never before have educators faced a greater risk of burnout.

The COVID-19 pandemic took our already-strained profession and pushed it to the limit, squeezing every last drop of creativity and energy out of teachers.

Bravely facing uncertainty and risk as essential workers, we were forced to pivot our lesson planning to not only engage disengaged students but do it at a distance, through Zoom.

Meanwhile, students and parents still expected us to have all the answers, even as we flew by the seats of our pants in full-on survival mode.

The result is that teachers everywhere are fatigued from the chaos of remote teaching.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you are in the right place.

My name is Michelle and I’m a veteran educator.

As a 5th grade teacher in a New York City school, I’ve discovered the secret to staying inspired to do what I love as I help my students achieve academic success.

I used this knowledge to develop activities to help children develop social skills that help build strong classroom communities. 

When students walk into the classroom and see the toys that indicate an activity is planned, their faces light up with anticipation. That’s because I figured out how to these activities to bring “pep” and joy to the classroom when needed.

Now, I’m sharing my methods with upper elementary and middle school teachers looking for ways to spark joy among their students as they build a cohesive classroom community.

I created PEP it UP to help other educators cultivate a classroom community through our super fun, teacher-led activities.

These activities have made teaching a joy in my own classrooms. I promise they will do the same in yours.

We all faced the toughest year of our lives as teachers. The good news is that a world of possibilities lies ahead.

Don’t let yourself burn out! You are a teacher for a reason. I want to help you welcome your students back with joy!


Our mission is to provide teachers with activities that motivate students to participate in the learning process. 

Our vision is for every 3rd-6th grade teacher to harness the power of play in their classroom. 

Kids love moving and playing! Why not connect academic content with play? It's the perfect combination!

What are you waiting for?

Enhance your curriculum now by browsing and downloading an activity today!