We’ve all seen it: the meme of the bored student slumped over his or her desk, barely staying awake. Every busy teacher understands intimately the challenge of keeping students engaged — especially when following a one-size-fits-all blueprint that ends up being a perfect fit for exactly no one.

At PEPitUp, we know teachers must teach rigorous content while keeping students engaged at the same time. 

PEPitUP was created to motivate students to participate in class by combining content with playful games that infuse classrooms with joy. We offer a range of exciting activities designed to spark interest, ignite engagement, and fan the flames of love for lifelong learning.

Our digital resources keep students ages 8-11 engaged in active learning while encouraging them to participate through something every classroom needs: PLAY! Play allows students and teachers to build relationships while working with academic content in a way that is fun and memorable. Research backs this up: Numerous academic studies suggest play is a powerful aid in helping even the most reluctant students learn.

PEPitUP resources provide hardworking, solutions-driven teachers with an assortment of easy-to-use games and activities designed to be used with academic content. These activities get kids moving for a recommended 2-3 times per week which can positively impact the classroom experience! Our activities help build cohesive educational communities, provide educators with strategies to engage students, and add joy through movement to the classroom.

The company was founded by veteran educator Michelle Randall, a teacher with more than 10 years of experience in middle and high school classrooms. Michelle has discovered the secret to longevity in the classroom by developing purposeful engagement products that keep kids present during the learning process. Her methods have helped students develop into collaborative learners free to move in the academic classroom through teacher-led, student friendly and SUPER FUN activities. Together, these activities have made teaching a joy for Michelle and she hopes to bring this same amount of joy to countless educators around the world. 

Our mission is to provide teachers with activities that motivate students to participate in the learning process. 

Our vision is for every 3rd-6th grade teacher to harness the power of play in their classroom. 

Kids love moving and playing! Why not connect academic content with play? It's the perfect combination!

What are you waiting for?

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